Reporter Corners Joe Biden Over Praise Of Andrew Cuomo

( )- On the day Andrew Cuomo announced he would be stepping down from office, President Biden was asked by a reporter to assess Cuomo’s ten and a half years as New York’s Governor. And because Joe Biden is incapable of reading the room, the president said of the man forced out of office over multiple sexual harassment allegations by staffers, “He’s done a hell of a job.”

Biden went on to praise Cuomo for his work on infrastructure, access to voting, and “a whole range of things” (which presumably does not include killing fifteen thousand senior citizens). Then Biden explained “that’s why it’s so sad” that Cuomo is resigning.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins had a problem with Biden’s assessment of pervy Cuomo. She asked Biden how he could say Cuomo did a hell of a job if he stands accused of sexually harassing women on the job.

Biden got snippy, as he often does with reporters, telling Collins that he was asked “Did he do a good job on infrastructure” which, by the way, was not what he was asked. But Biden said, “That was the question.” No. It wasn’t the question.

Collins clarified that the question wasn’t “Did he do a good job on infrastructure,” but “How did he do as governor?”

And the agitated Biden snapped back saying that was not the question.

Finally, the reporter who asked him the initial question told Biden what he asked since several minutes had already gone by and Grandpa Scrambled Eggs Brain had already forgotten. Once he was reminded, Biden explained that he meant “as a governor,” Cuomo did a heck of a job – clarifying that he was not referring to his personal behavior.

When Collins tried to ask Biden if it was possible to separate his job as governor from his personal behavior on the job, Biden got huffy and refused to continue with that line of questioning.

Though this particular exchange with Kaitlan Collins didn’t get nearly as heated as their battle after the summit with Putin, it’s clear that Biden does not like being forced to defend anything he says.

In fact, Biden is not capable of handling any challenging questions. Which is probably why in most press events, the White House gives him a list of pre-selected reporters with pre-screened questions and makes old Joe stick to the script.