Reporter Claims Biden Could Appoint First Supreme Court Justice

( )- NBC’s left-wing news presenter Peter Alexander made a fool of himself on Wednesday, making a pretty egregious mistake about the nation’s highest court during a live broadcast.

Alexander claimed that, upon the resignation of progressive Justice Stephen Breyer, President Joe Biden would make history by nominating the first African American justice to the Supreme Court. It was a blatant misrepresentation of the truth because not only was Justice Thurgood Marshall the first African American justice nominated to the court…but there is also an African American judge in the court right now.

His name is Clarence Thomas, and he’s a constitutionalist conservative.

Alexander’s claim came after media outlets reported on the imminent resignation of Justice Stephen Breyer, who has faced intense pressure from left-wing extremists since Biden’s inauguration to resign and allow the new president to replace him with an extreme-left African American woman justice. The plan would make it (slightly) easier for Democrats to pass unconstitutional laws.

During Alexander’s broadcast, he told NBC news anchor Lester Holt:

“That is one of the headlines that we’ll be refocusing on over the course of the next several weeks, the president saying he would nominate the first African American justice to the Supreme Court.”

He also said that the nomination of a new justice could be a “potential opportunity to really put some legacy, his legacy into the law as it relates to the court.”

At that point, he noted how the Supreme Court currently has a 6-3 conservative-leaning, and you could see him realize his mistake. He was interrupted by Holt who clarified that Biden plans to nominate the first African American woman to the court, not the first African American.

The real first African American to be nominated to the court was Thurgood Marshall. He was nominated by former President Lyndon B. Johnson way back in 1967 and is a symbol of the United States’ progressivism and anti-racist….that goes back decades.

Why are the Democrats and the media so obsessed with the clearly untrue idea that the United States is a fundamentally racist country?

Watch the disastrous interview here.