Reporter Calls Secret Service Over “Let’s Go Brandon” Gun Parts

( )- After Associated Press reporter Colleen Long claimed that the pilot of her Southwest flight uttered the iconic “Let’s Go Brandon” as he signed off once the plane had landed, the American corporate news media went into a tizzy over this G-rating phrase.

All the reporters who took vicious delight in every “F**k Trump” remark from celebrities and politicians are now sputtering with indignant rage over “Let’s Go Brandon.”

CNN contributor, and former FBI agent, Asha Rangappa was furious that Southwest hadn’t immediately fired the offending pilot. She suggested on Twitter that a pilot on Southwest should say “Long live ISIS” before taking off to see how quickly Southwest would respond.

Because apparently someone saying “Let’s Go Brandon” is exactly like someone swearing fealty to ISIS.

Another CNN contributor Tristan Snell declared “Let’s Go Brandon” the “MAGA version of ‘Sieg Heil.’”

These people are not well at all.

But the most insane reaction to “Let’s Go Brandon” came from NBC News national security correspondent (and RussiaGate peddler) Ken Dilanian.

Dilanian reported on a gun store in South Carolina that is selling parts for semi-automatic rifles with “Let’s Go Brandon” emblazoned on them.

Palmetto State Armory offers a “LETSGO-15” stripped lower receiver that includes a shout-out to the popular phrase as well as “[email protected]! Joe! Biden!” on the fire selector. This horrified the poor Ken Dilanian.

But, Dilanian added, Palmetto State Armory isn’t the only one!!!! Ken found two other gun stores that sell AR-15 magazines with “Let’s Go Brandon” on them. One has an image of a bug-eyed Joe Biden and “Let’s Go Brandon” printed on it. The other shows old Joe in a mask with “Let’s Go Brandon” printed above him.

Oh, the horror!

So distraught that AR-15 accessories are being sold with the offending phrase, the insufferable tattletale Dilanian contacted the Secret Service.

Yeah, really.

In a tweet linking to his well-I-nevery article, Dilanian added “I called the Secret Service about this. They had no comment.”

No doubt they had plenty of comments about it after getting off the phone.