Reporter Calls Out White House For Redefining A Word

( )- On Twitter, @PhilipWegmann noted that the RNC was disseminating comments from Biden’s own economic advisers as late as last May, using the conventional definition of “recession”:

In March 2008, Brian Deese, the director of Biden’s National Economic Council, said that recession is defined technically by economists as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

According to Biden’s economic advisor Heather Boushey in May 2019, a recession is defined as two quarters of negative GDP growth.

Jared Bernstein, Biden’s economic advisor in September 2019, said two consecutive quarters of falling growth constitute a recession.

Cecilia Rouse, Biden’s choice to lead the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said in May 2022 that two quarters of negative growth were signs of a coming downturn.

According to reports, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy made Joe Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre look like a complete idiot last Wednesday. He skillfully exposed how she and other Biden cronies are seeking to redefine what a recession to say America isn’t in one.

Biden Administration officials have been utilizing semantics to avoid acknowledging how awful the economy is. Some have said we were not a recession but a transition.

Doocy bluntly asked Jean-Pierre that if everything was going so well, why were White House officials trying to redefine recession?
Doocy questioned that if we all understood a recession to be two consecutive quarters of negative GPD growth in a row, and the White House officials say no, how is that not redefining recession?
The Press Secretary bizarrely replied that it was not the definition.

Doocy then read the exact definition of a recession stated by Biden’s economic advisor Brian Deese and asked what had changed.
Reports show that Jean-Pierre continued to deny that a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GPD growth. Doocy asked what’s the difference other than who is President.
Jean-Pierre added that the White House would be OK with it even if America did experience a recession or whatever that may be right now.

That’s because they will just redefine the meaning of recession again.