Report: Nashville Bomber Reportedly Went On Rant About Hating Police

( According to a new report, the Nashville Christmas Day bomber previously went on a rant about hating the police decades before committing the attack. Fox News reports who the Tennessee man who detonated the bomb in a Nashville street on Christmas morning once told a work colleague how much he hated police officers.

The Daily Beast, a far-left “news” outlet that occasionally gets some things right – usually when they’re not political – reported how Warner said some time in the 1970s that he hates the police.

Tom Lundborg, who worked with Warner in the ‘70s when they were teenagers, said that Warner told him, “I hate cops. They’re all corrupt.”

The two worked together at A.C.E. Alarms, a security company owned by Lundborg’s father. Lundborg said that they both worked together on a daily basis for at least a couple of years, driving together between jobs. He said that during those journeys, the conversations would sometimes turn to the police.

“Never trust a cop,” Warner also allegedly once said during a journey.

The Daily Beast report also claimed that Warner told Lundborg that he previously served in the Navy, though there is no evidence so far to suggest that he did.

On Tuesday, FBI Memphis released photographs of the damage done by the suicide bomb. Dozens of buildings were badly damaged and the skeleton of a burned-out car can be seen in the street.

Before the RV explosion, Warner made decisions that indicated he was planning to end his life. He gave away his vehicle and told the person he gave it to that he had cancer. He also signed over ownership of his home to a woman in California and told an employer that he was retiring from work.

However, Warner took no steps to tell the world why he killed himself in the explosion.

Will we ever know why Warner took his life this way? And could his hatred of the cops in the 1970s offer any clue?