Report Confirms Election Officials Were Double Counting Ballots

( )- John Solomon from Just the News has obtained a copy of a 29-page memo written in November by the contractor handpicked to monitor ballot counting in Fulton County Georgia during the 2020. According to Solomon, the contents of that memo put in doubt Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s claim that Georgia “had safe, secure, honest elections.”

The memo lists a myriad of failures and mismanagement that transpired in Fulton County during the counting of ballots — including double-counting, insecure storage, and “massive chain of custody” problems.

This memo that lays out a minute-by-minute review of election night and the days that followed was written by Carter Jones of Seven Hill Strategies, and was delivered to Raffensperger’s office shortly after the election.

In addition to double-counting of ballots and insecure storage, Jones chronicles possible violations to voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a ballot collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of what Jones calls “too many” absentee ballots on election day.

In his memo, Jones writes that it was his understanding that ballots were supposed to be transported in numbered and sealed boxes, but the boxes he observed at the county’s central absentee scanning center at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena were not all numbered and sealed.

The Jones memo also touches on the mystery of why officials at State Farm Arena appeared to order most election workers home only to continue counting ballots with a skeleton crew. According to his notes, after this happened, he wrote, “Ralph newly re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye.”

But that isn’t the only instance of double-counting Jones observed. On the second day of counting after the election, Jones wrote of a machine that had to be shut down because it was “causing more problems than it was solving,” adding “Double-feeding and cutting through both the envelope and the ballot, which leads to even more duplicates.”

Read the entire 29-page memo HERE.

The revelations from Jones’ copious notes only compound the problems facing Fulton County for their handling of the 2020 election. As Just the News reported last week, a review of the state’s audit data for Fulton County revealed that over 150 batches of absentee ballots have apparently gone missing from the county’s official tally. This report also confirms what Jones observed – namely multiple instances of ballot batches being scanned several times.