Report Claims Senator John Fetterman’s Casual Outfit Shows “Robust Recovery”

According to a recent Associated Press story, people “close” to Democratic Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman said that the senator’s return to his signature “gym shorts and hoodies” attire is evidence that he is doing well. It’s a “robust recovery.”

The article also lauded Fetterman for “turning heads” and “redefining fashion in the stuffy Senate.” 

This is much like when the media insisted that Michelle Obama was a fashion plate when most women did not care to emulate many of her bizarre, misshapen, and frumpy outfits.

Since suffering a stroke in May, which has hindered his ability to speak appropriately and comprehend questions, the senator has needed closed-caption equipment to follow along with talks on the Senate floor.

Fetterman has utilized the same methods during many interviews and during his campaign debate last year with Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

Recently, Fetterman returned after a six-week stint at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he received treatment for “clinical depression.” He was also fitted for hearing aids for hearing loss.

According to AP, though, Fetterman is “back and stronger than ever” thanks to his “relaxed, comfortable style.” 

But, according to AP, Fetterman’s employees pushed back against his business casual clothing policy. They had asked him to wear suits, which he “famously hates.” 

The Pennsylvania senator rarely speaks with reporters in the hallways and often appears to be reading off a sheet of paper. His public appearances suggest that his public persona is tightly managed. 

Now that he’s back from Walter Reed Hospital, Fetterman’s speech problems are receiving greater attention because it is “still halting and sometimes hard to understand, due to his stroke.” 

Several of Fetterman’s floor remarks were found to have been edited by his staff to have the record seem more coherent.

Fetterman often talks gibberish, which the AP might start characterizing as  fun and relaxed, redefining how we communicate with one another.

Anything to prop up a leftist.