Rep. Jordan Says Trump Is Running

( )- Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is the latest Republican to say that he wants former President Donald Trump to throw his hat into the ring in 2024.

During a GOP event in Iowa last Thursday, Jordan said that Republicans have to have someone “who’s willing to fight and stand up to all the abuses.” Jordan mentioned that after he spoke to the former President the day before, he was convinced that Trump was going to run.

Whether or not Trump is definitely running again in 2024, his Save America PAC has been releasing brutal ads against the current man in the White House, Joe Biden.

During the Afghanistan debacle Save America released this powerful ad “Surrenderer-in-Chief”:

And last week, Save America released this scathing follow-up ad:

While the release of these ads doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump is running, his PAC is certainly going all out to highlight Biden’s myriad of failures in eight short months.

Last Friday Zogby released the results of a poll conducted before Kabul fell that showed 20 percent of Biden voters now regret voting for him. The poll, however, did not ask respondents to specify whether or not they would have voted for Donald Trump instead.

Among those Republicans who voted for Biden, 29 percent now regret their decision. Among Independents, 21 percent are suffering from buyer’s remorse. Even 14 percent of Democrats regret voting for Joe.

In an Emerson College survey also released on Friday, respondents were asked if the 2020 election were held now, whom would they vote for. A plurality of voters (47 percent) chose Donald Trump. Forty-six percent chose Biden.

With regard to the 2024 presidential race, the Emerson survey found that among Democrats, a surprising 39 percent said they did not want Joe Biden to be the party’s nominee in 2024. Among Republicans, 67 percent want Trump to be the 2024 nominee.