Rep. Boebert Vows Justice For Jan 6. Prisoners

On the third anniversary of January 6, 2021, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado has promised to advocate for the imprisoned Capitol protestors.

A riot erupted when a group of Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from officially recognizing Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential winner. After Trump made baseless assertions about massive voting fraud stealing the election, the tensions grew higher, and the angry mob responded with violence.

Seven hundred eighteen have entered guilty pleas, and 139 have been found guilty after disputed trials out of 1,265 persons accused of involvement in the Capitol incident. Around 749 federal defendants have been handed down penalties; 467 of those defendants will serve prison time, 154 will serve home detention, and 28 will serve a combination of jail and home detention.

Even though hundreds of individuals were prosecuted for what happened that day, several lawmakers and even Trump himself have supported the rioters. There have been claims that Boebert’s office had contact with the event organizers on the day of the disturbance; Boebert has previously denied any participation.

There may be charges against individuals, which extends to people who never stepped foot in the Capitol, as Attorney General Merrick Garland defended the Justice Department’s strategy for pursuing the Jan. 6 disturbance.

Delegates from the Democratic Party are expressing their frustration with the Justice Department’s apparent reluctance to bring charges against high-ranking officials who may have instigated the assault on the Capitol. Even more concerning is the fact that the House Jan. 6 Select Committee has hinted at the possibility of referring potential criminal cases to the DOJ if it uncovers proof of lawbreaking by former President Trump or his close circle in relation to the disturbance.

The Department of Justice has filed charges against over 725 individuals concerning the assault after the assessment of over 20,000 hours of video material and the execution of over 5,000 subpoenas and search warrants. The number of those facing felony charges exceeds 300.