Recipe AI Suggests Chlorine Gas & Mosquito-Repellent Potatoes

An AI-generated recipe app found in a New Zealand supermarket has produced deadly suggestions that include chlorine gas, “poison bread sandwiches,” and mosquito-repellent roast potatoes, according to The Guardian. The app idea was put into place by the supermarket chain Pak ‘n’ Save as a way to offer customers cost-efficient ways to use leftovers amid hard economic times.

The app, called the “Savey Meal Bot,” is set up by users putting in their food items at home. The AI then generates a recipe. However, when it comes to food, not all the recipes are appealing. In one instance, the app generated an “Oreo vegetable stir-fry.” But the meals become weirder if the user inserts other nonedible items. Although it may produce chlorine gas as an “aromatic water mix” to “quench your thirst,” the app does not note that ingesting that would be lethal.

Liam Hehir, a political commentator in the country, took to Twitter to show off some of the results. The app suggested “Ant Jelly Delight,” made up of ant poison-flavored jelly, water, and bread. Hehir also replied that it is not hard for ChatGPT to make the distinction between what is edible and what is deadly.

Others replied to show some of the results that they were getting. One user had a drink called “Methanol Bliss,” which is composed of methanol, glue, turpentine, bread, milk, eggs, cooking oil, butter, tomatoes, and potatoes.

A spokesperson for the supermarket reportedly said that he was disappointed in the “small minority” of people misusing the app but assured that they will continue to work on it so that it produces products safe for consumption. But those using the app are allegedly told that not everything generated by the app is going to be complete or balanced. Users are also informed that the recipes are not reviewed by a human being.