Recap Of Biden’s Worst 4 Failures

In times of crisis and disaster, Americans have often found themselves left to fend for themselves under the leadership of President Joe Biden. Here are four instances that highlight this trend:

1. Afghanistan
During the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration claimed to have evacuated over 120,000 people. However, more than 800 Americans were left behind enemy lines. The number of abandoned Americans was significantly higher than the administration initially reported. This number does not include non-government groups and private citizens who were also left to navigate the dangerous situation independently.

Furthermore, 13 American service members lost their lives during the withdrawal, and no senior military leader has been held accountable for the failures that led to this tragedy.

2. Sudan
In April, as Sudan plunged into violent conflict, an estimated 16,000 private American citizens were left to find ways of leaving the country on their own. While the Biden administration arranged to evacuate U.S. Embassy staff, they had no plans to assist the thousands of Americans stranded there. The White House’s National Security Council spokesman made it clear that Americans in Sudan should not expect a coordinated evacuation by the U.S. government.

Other countries, such as France, took proactive measures to evacuate their citizens while the U.S. left its citizens to fend for themselves.

3. Israel
When Hamas launched a massive terrorist attack in southern Israel, Americans in the country could not contact the U.S. Embassy for several days. The embassy was closed for the Christopher Columbus holiday, leaving Americans without assistance during a critical time. Only after several days did they receive a response recommending commercial flights out of the country. However, widespread flight cancellations forced Rep. Cory Mills to take matters into his own hands and retrieve American citizens.

To make matters worse, just one day after the attack, President Biden hosted a BBQ at the White House, seemingly unconcerned about the situation.

4. East Palestine, Ohio
In February, a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, resulted in a toxic chemical spill that contaminated the community’s air and water. President Biden initially promised to visit the area, hoping to bring attention to the disaster. However, he never followed through on his promise.

Residents who voted for Biden felt neglected and overlooked, with one saying, “I feel like I don’t matter.” The President’s failure to visit the affected community and declare a disaster has left the residents feeling abandoned and at risk.

These instances paint a worrying picture of President Biden’s track record when assisting and supporting Americans in times of crisis.

Whether it’s leaving citizens behind in Afghanistan, ignoring the plight of Americans in Sudan, failing to respond promptly in Israel, or neglecting communities in Ohio, it is clear that Americans are being left to fend for themselves under this administration. This behavior raises serious questions about the President’s priorities and commitment to the American people’s well-being.