Rand Paul Says It’s Time To Fire Dr. Fauci

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Republican libertarian Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had only two words to say about the recent scandal involving Dr. Anthony Fauci and emails obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request showing his hypocrisy on wearing masks.

“Told you,” the senator tweeted, with an “eyes” emoji and the hashtag “#FireFauci.”

It comes after BuzzFeed News obtained thousands of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s email account, and several hundred more of those were seen by The Washington Post. The emails showed that Dr. Anthony Fauci long told people within his professional orbit that wearing a mask would be inappropriate as they simply do not work, that the virus can easily pass through the fabric in a mask, and that they are only useful for people who are currently infected and who want to prevent infected droplets of saliva from being transmitted.

Senator Paul famously went up against Dr. Fauci during a Senate hearing last month, pushing Fauci to answer why he continued to wear two masks despite being vaccinated against the virus. Fauci insisted that wearing a mask despite being vaccinated was not “theater,” but failed to explain why anybody who is not vulnerable to the virus should wear a mask in the first place.

Paul even called out Fauci for his support of “gain of function research” – which refers to research that alters organisms – in China. Fauci insisted that he had never supported such research in China, but Paul has since said that the public health official should be made to say it under oath.

Senator Paul slammed Fauci’s denial that a $600,000 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was not used in China to research viruses like COVID, despite the grant having ben sent to an organization called the EcoHealth Alliance…which then paid the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study coronaviruses in bats.

If Senator Paul was right about one thing…he might be right about a whole lot more as far as Dr. Fauci is concerned…