Rand Paul Says Fraud Happened And The Election Was Stolen

(RoyalPatriot.com)- Senator Rand Paul, previously an opponent of President Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries but now a staunch defender of his America First agenda, confirmed that fraud did happen in November and that the presidential election was stolen.

During an oversight hearing by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Wednesday, Paul challenged Chris Krebs, the former director fo the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on his claim that the 2020 election was the most secure in history.

Comments made by Krebs in response to the president’s claims of election fraud – which are supported by evidence – were heavily criticised by the Trump legal team and Republican politicians who took the time to hear witness testimony and examine the evidence.

As Krebs looked angry, Paul gave him a dressing down on the matter of election fraud.

“The courts haven’t decided the facts,” Paul reminded him. “They never looked at the facts. The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen and the only way it will be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws.”

Paul referenced several pieces of evidence during his taking down of Krebs and addressed the fact that the election may have been the “most secure” in terms of avoiding foreign interference, but that several issues raised by thousands of Americans who witnessed domestic election fraud and misconduct were not taken into consideration when the claim was made.

CNN, on December 17, disingenuously suggested that Rand Paul was not telling the truth.

“What, exactly, is Rand Paul talking about?” Chris Cillizza, CNN’s editor-at-large, asked. Cillizza explained how Paul referenced dead people and non-citizens voting, and then incorrectly claimed that “there is simply no evidence of either of these things happening broadly.”

CNN is wrong.

Data analyst Matt Braynard is just one expert who has examined official voting records and found examples of tens of thousands of people double voting, dead people voting, and non-residents and voting.

You can see the full breakdown of his evidence in the video below.

Senator Rand Paul’s dressing down of Krebs has been widely ignored or mocked by the mainstream press, but on December 6, the evidence of election fraud could be used by Paul and other Senators to reject the Electoral College vote.

…and that could mean the House chooses the next president.