Rand Paul Is Forcing Through Legislation To Take On Egypt’s “Criminal Masters”

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Rand Paul, the Republican libertarian Senator for Kentucky, has announced that he will force a Senate vote on President Joe Biden’s authorization of a $2.5 billion arms sale to Egypt. Paul is one of a handful of legislators standing up to the president on the decision, noting that human rights abuses continue in Egypt.

A press release from the federal government said that the proposed arms sale will “support the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a Makor Non-NATO Ally that continues to be an important strategic partner in the Middle East.”

Interesting. A non-NATO ally? That means an ally that could switch allegiances whenever it likes. Only NATO allies are bound by a treaty.

The proposed sale, the statement continued, will allow Egypt to improve to better “meet current and future threats” through airlift support for its military. The Biden administration says that the arms sale will be specifically targeted at helping Egypt to move supplies, equipment, and people, so that it can expand its humanitarian efforts.

Senator Paul doesn’t agree, however.

“Egyptians continue to live under the harsh authoritarian rule of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” he said, noting that a human rights report from the Department of State described how al-Sisi has turned his whole country into a prison.

In response, Senator Paul told The Daily Wire that he will force the Senate to vote on a bipartisan joint resolution that would effectively cancel the sale of military equipment to what he called “Egypt’s criminal masters.”

Paul said that the United States can’t pretend to champion human rights while also arming a human rights abuser…but it’s not exactly surprising that the Biden administration would be friendly to a country that commits human rights abuses. After all, the Biden family has made a fortune from China…and still refuses to crack down on the country’s flagrant human rights abuses, which include the imprisonment of more than a million Uygur Muslims in Xinjiang province concentration camps.