Ramaswamy Video On LGBTQ Issues Goes Viral

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican presidential candidate, went viral following a confrontation with a self-identified “pansexual” activist. When Ramaswamy first approached him, he inquired about his thoughts on the LGBTQ+ group, to which Ramaswamy stated that there is no such thing.

The activist used the term “pansexual,” which describes a person attracted to people of all genders. Ramaswamy was also probed about his thoughts on same-sex relationships, which Ramaswamy saw as a kind of minority oppression. He thinks that in the process of trying to safeguard against majority rule, minority rule has emerged.

Ramaswamy believes we live in a nation where people may wear and act as they like, so long as they don’t oppress anybody, particularly children. He thinks that adults have the right to make whatever they choose but that such choices shouldn’t be imposed on children before they’re ready to make their own.

The presidential hopeful thinks the new oppressive culture in the nation is a significant source of angst since it allows punishment for speaking or believing things that run counter to the latest and approved woke orthodoxy. Ramaswamy considers it part of his duty to express his views while acknowledging the validity of the opinions of others.

Ramaswamy thinks it’s important and beautiful that we live in a society where citizens still have the freedom to express their opinions while maintaining a respectful tone.

More than 13 million people saw the social media messages with this exchange.

In July, a leftist protester stopped his speech at a campaign rally in Iowa to speak out in favor of abortion rights. Ramaswamy pleaded with the booing audience to “let her speak” and invited her to the microphone. This was proven to be favorable to many online commenters.

Ramaswamy’s popularity has increased in recent Republican primary surveys, and he now has 6.4% support, putting him in third place after Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis of Florida. On August 23 at 9 p.m. ET, he will be one of eight Republican contenders participating in Fox News Channel’s first debate.