Racist Hunter Biden Text Messages Found

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Joe Biden’s frequent habit of making wildly bigoted remarks seems to run in the family. Earlier in June, the Daily Mail published text messages between Biden’s son Hunter and his attorney that revealed Hunter’s penchant for casually tossing around the N-word.

And this past week the Daily Mail published another exchange of text messages in which Hunter made racist remarks about Asians.

In January 2019 texts, Hunter and his cousin Caroline Biden discussed setting Hunter up with one of Caroline’s model friends.

Caroline asked Hunter if he preferred foreign or domestic. Then she followed up with “I can’t give you f***ing Asian sorry.”

Hunter replied to her first question with “Domesticated foreigner is fine.” In response to her text about “f***ing Asian,” Hunter responded “No yellow.”

This bizarre text exchange was motivated by Caroline Biden’s desire to help Hunter get over his break-up with his late brother Beau’s wife Hallie. Soap operas don’t have plot lines this gross.

There’s no doubt Hunter and Caroline have a lot in common. Like Hunter, his cousin Caroline is a bit of a hot mess. She’s been arrested for drug possession, credit card theft, multiple DUIs and getting into fights with NYPD.

Amazingly, despite her long string of arrests, Caroline has never spent a single day behind bars.

It’s good to be a Biden.

Once again, except for the New York Post, the American news media continues to ignore these shocking stories about Hunter Biden.

In a June 10 article in the New York Post, it was reported that none in the corporate news media except Fox News made a single mention of Hunter’s N-word-laden text messages. The New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC wouldn’t touch the story with a ten foot pole. This despite the fact that just days before the Daily Mail released the “N-word” text messages, Joe Biden was in Tulsa honoring the one hundredth anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre.

Of course, they also refused to report on the discovery of Hunter’s laptop at a Wilmington computer repair shop and the explosive contents it contained about his dirty deals with Ukraine and China, as well as the links to his father the “Big Guy.” The only “reporting” these outlets did was to claim the laptop story as “Russian disinformation” – a claim then repeated by candidate Biden during his debate with President Trump.

The American press isn’t trying to protect Hunter; they’re protecting the “Big Guy.”

At this point, it’s probably fair to say Hunter Biden could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and the media would turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened.