Putin’s Loyalty Tests Are Leading To An Unexpected Result From His Allies

With a counteroffensive prepared by Ukrainians to strike another blow to Russia’s war machine, President Putin has purportedly started to doubt the loyalty of members of his cabinet.

A Russian tabloid reported that an internal inquiry into federal agency workers’ mental condition and conduct had just been finished.

Out of a total sample size of 2 million, 33,000 officials were dismissed for social media misbehavior. Some dismissals occurred because of something as innocuous as following sympathizers of imprisoned Kremlin opponent Alexey Navalny.

A source told the tabloid that many of the over 30,000 employees were deemed to have improper conduct on social media and were identified for opposition attitudes. 

A recent report reveals the limitations on Kremlin-linked Twitter accounts were lifted.

Several user accounts’ testing of Twitter’s search, timeline, and recommendation features revealed that they are displaying restricted accounts, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Putin’s presidential account, and the UK Embassy.  This follows news that Twitter will no longer restrict access to Russian government-run publications.

In the past, Twitter announced it would not boost or suggest government accounts affiliated with nations that limit the availability of free information and are involved in armed interstate conflict.  The policy was immediately applied to Russian government accounts last April, shortly after the Russian military invaded Ukraine. 

It warned that, as a result, the accounts in question would no longer be promoted in search results, on the user’s home timeline, or anywhere else throughout the site.

The Telegraph conducted tests last week and found that official Russian government accounts often ranked well in search results and were recommended as accounts to follow.

Tweets from the Russian government appeared in the feed of a brand new Twitter account, even though the account wasn’t following the Russian government.

According to the report, a poop emoji was included in an automated response from Twitter’s press office email address.  Twitter’s chief of “trust and safety,” Ella Irwin, didn’t respond to a request for comment.