Putin’s “Brain” Calls Russian Invasion A “Fight Against American Hegemony”

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Russian far-right philosopher Alexander Dugin claimed over the weekend that Russia’s war in Ukraine is aimed at the United States and the “global liberal elites” and threatened nuclear war if Russia were to lose.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera on Saturday, the Russian historian and philosopher said Russia has “no other choice” than to win in Ukraine because it faces an “existential threat.” Dugin added that after Russia’s victory, “the world will not be the same.”

He explained that the war in Ukraine is not only a “fight against American hegemony” but it is also a fight against “the global liberal elites who are trying to take over the world.”

Calling it “a war of ideas,” Dugin said Russia isn’t fighting a specific country as much as it is fighting the greater “liberal world order.” Russia’s fight, he explained, was to give nations and cultures the “right to self-determination” so they won’t become puppets of the United States.

Dugin also argued that none of this would have happened if former President Trump was still in power. Trump, he explained, was “realistic and refrained from exerting pressure on us.” He claimed that the former president didn’t care about Ukraine or the expansion of NATO.

He claimed the Russian people wanted Putin to be “in the position of monarch” who becomes “the embodiment of the Russian state and spirit.”

Dugin, who has often been referred to as “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s brain,” also suggested that NATO intervention in Ukraine would result in an in-kind retaliation from Russia. He said NATO and the US should take heed to Putin’s threat of a possible nuclear attack.

He explained that defeat for Russia was not an option, so if Russia does lose, it would result in a nuclear war because, as Putin said, “Without Russia, there is no humanity.”

Dugin warned that the West must accept Russia as “an independent sovereign superpower” if they want to live on this planet.

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