Putin Regime Launches New “Doomsday” Plane Project, They Confirm

(RoyalPatriot.com )- In the event of a widespread attack or possible radiation fallout, the Kremlin plans to protect government officials by sending them up in a “doomsday plane,” according to Russian state media.

Moscow’s “doomsday plane” is an adaptation of the Ilyushin-96-400M passenger jet and is set to begin construction in Voronezh along Russia’s western border with Ukraine.

According to the Independent, a source said the country expects to have two of these “doomsday planes” in service “shortly” as part of Moscow’s four Airborne Command Posts. These planes will be capable of keeping government officials in the air in case of a major catastrophe or cataclysmic event on the ground.

So the leaders escape to the skies while the Russian people are left behind. Seems par for the course.

Unlike standard aircraft, the “doomsday planes” will be constructed with a reinforced fuselage, special communications capabilities and, in order to further protect passengers against possible nuclear fallout, will not be built to include cabin windows. Additionally, these “doomsday planes” are designed to have a greatly increased range compared to the previous models which have been in use since the late 1980s.

The “doomsday planes” are capable of refueling in the air with the aid of a tanker aircraft. In the event conventional communications systems are knocked out, the advanced radio systems in place on board enable them to deliver military orders anywhere in a radius of up to 6,000 km – allowing those on board to communicate with strategic aviation, road-mobile and silo-based nuclear forces ,as well as nuclear submarines.

Additionally the planes are equipped with air defenses of their own in the event that the aircraft must defend itself against either air or missile attack.

While the announcement was just made this week, Russia has been developing these new planes for quite some time. It had not been the intent to make their construction public, however, in December 2020 a thief broke into one plane’s cockpits and stole about 1 million rubles in equipment, thus forcing Moscow’s hand.