Putin Regime Claims It Thwarted A Missile Attack

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have stopped a significant Ukrainian onslaught in Donetsk, suggesting a broader counteroffensive has started.

A report reveals that military vehicles are seen coming under fire in the fields in a video that Russia claims to be from the conflict. Russia reports they destroyed 300 soldiers and 16 tanks.  However, Russia’s assertions have not been checked. In addition, Ukraine’s armed forces denied reports of a massive offensive in the area on Monday.

It has been a long wait for a significant counter-offensive from Ukraine, but it has indicated that it would not provide notice before it begins.

According to the Russian defense ministry, Ukraine’s large-scale attack in the Donetsk area began on Sunday with the deployment of tank battalions.

According to the report, Ukrainian forces did not accomplish their objectives, and they had no success in penetrating Russian defenses in what Kyiv considered the most vulnerable area of the front line.

Ukrainian troops will confront fierce opposition as they attempt to capture additional regions, as the video shows armored trucks coming under heavy fire.

Ukraine has been plotting this action for quite some time. But it has sought Western ally training and equipment delays for as long as feasible.

Public speculation on the attack has been discouraged by Kyiv officials, who fear it may aid the enemy. Kyiv has a lot riding on, proving to its people and Western partners that it’s capable of breaking past Russian defenses, ending the current military impasse, and retaking some of Ukraine’s land.

According to a report, one of Russia’s top security officers, Nikolay Patrushev, said the United States and the United Kingdom are preventing peace. He said that, in contrast to the people of Russia and Ukraine, those in the two English-speaking nations want the fighting to continue because they have no pity for the victims.

Security Council secretary Patrushev told reporters that a ceasefire was close to being reached between Moscow and Kyiv in the conflict’s early stages. However, he noted, the Ukrainian administration abandoned peace negotiations in response to American pressure.

The official was alluding to talks in Istanbul when Ukraine suggested pledging neutrality in return for security assurances, and Moscow gave its conditional approval.