Protestors Surround Kamala Harris Chanting “F Joe Biden”

( )- Monday night, Kamala Harris flew to New York City to join the birthday celebration being held for race-hustler Al Sharpton at Carnegie Hall. And on her arrival to Sharpton’s birthday bash, Kamala, along with New York’s unelected Governor Kathy Hochul, was greeted by a crowd of anti-vaccine mandate protesters chanting “F**k Joe Biden and de Blasio.”

Now if this was Texas or Florida, you could dismiss it as trolling Trump supporters. But this happened in the heart of Manhattan. That’s not exactly Trump Country.

It’s just Kamala’s dumb luck that New York City’s vaccine mandate went into effect on the very same day that she came to Manhattan to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring. Then again, Kamala Harris has never been particularly good a reading the room.

During her appearance at the Carnegie Hall event, Kamala, Biden’s point-person on “voting rights,” urged those in attendance to get out and vote on Tuesday.

New York State had three referendums on the November 2nd ballot that mirrored much of what the Democrats in Congress are trying to push through in their “voting rights” legislation.

The New York referendums sought to get voter approval for same-day voter registration, universal mail-in voting, as well eliminating the non-partisan redistricting commission.

And despite being a state that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won by over 23 points, voters in deep-blue New York rejected all three referendums on Tuesday.

Just how unpopular have Joe and Kamala become that a central issue they want to force onto the entire country is rejected by a state they carried by a wide margin?

But this is what happens when you push unpopular mandates, tank the economy, and increase inflation.

Even deep-blue New York City is no longer Biden Country.