Protestors Scream Out “Biden Go Home” As He Pushes For Gavin Newsom In California

( )- Sadly, the people of California voted to keep far-left Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in office – but before that decision was made, President Joe Biden traveled to the state to campaign with the controversial political figure.

And he wasn’t met with a positive reception.

In fact, the people of California don’t seem to be big fans of Joe Biden at all, with people waving flags and signs condemning the president and telling him, “Biden, go home!”

Is that the White House, or his weekend home in Delaware?

A report from ABC 10 described how one local resident, LD Sutherland, said that he hopes Biden wasn’t “so far away” so that he can “see my sign!”

Dozens of other anti-Biden protesters turned out to watch Joe Biden land in Air Force one on Monday, with other signs that read, “Biden lied, 13 died.”

The sign was a reference to President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which saw the Taliban taking control of billions of dollars of military equipment and ISIS-K terrorists detonating bombs outside of Kabul’s international airport as American troops worked to rescue American citizens that were left behind by Biden’s plan.

Sutherland told ABC that he believes it is a “frightening time” for the country and that everything from the open borders to mandatory vaccines is dangerous. On Afghanistan, he described Biden’s decision to withdraw troops before evacuating Americans as a “huge mistake,” adding that it was shocking he would come to California to campaign for Newsom.

“Has he been here before?” he asked.

Good question. Maybe he’s been there for a meeting with his son and his Chinese business partners.

Just take a look at these people swearing and shouting at Biden’s motorcade:

Does he look like a popular president to you?