Professors Who Discovered Migrants Commit More Rapes Face Jail Time

( )- Swedish professors from Lund University are reportedly now being prosecuted by the Ministry of Education over their “ethics” of publishing a paper that proves how most rapes in the country are being committed by migrants.

If it’s true, why do “ethics” need to come into it?

Shouldn’t the Swedish government be more interested in…solving the problems?

Professor Kristina Sundquist and several of her colleagues are being investigated by the Board of Appeal for Ethical Review, which is a body that reports to Sweden’s Ministry of Education. The investigation is determining whether or not the professors had the “ethical license” to handle the data.

The paper they published was titled “Swedish Rape Offenders – A Latent Class Analysis.”

The document reveals how immigrants are hugely disproportionately guilty of committing rape in the country, and are also responsible for the vast majority of all sexual violence taking place in the country. The authors didn’t intend to find this link, but given that they were objective, they simply found it to be true and published the results.

Professor Sundquist told the press how immigrants were just a “variable” in the study but found out that their representation in committing these horrible crimes was actually “quite a remarkable discovery.”

You’d think the government might want to do something about this, right?

Well, no. The Swedish Ministry of Education very quickly launched the investigation into whether or not the professors had the “ethical permission” to publish such a study. They have also faced a massive backlash from left-wing activist in the country who claim that they didn’t explain how their research would “reduce exclusion and improve integration.”

But that’s not the purpose of research, is it?

Professor Ardavan Khoshnood, who is a co-author of the paper, said that it’s a “shame” he and his colleagues are being accused of conducting or publishing “illegal research.”

“Illegal research”? This is straight out of a George Orwell novel.