Productivity In US Reaches Record High

In recent days and years, it is no secret that things within the United States have been relatively dreary on the fiscal and social levels of domestic life. Economically, the American middle class continues to struggle, and inflation, which soared to 40-year highs in 2022 continues to hurt ordinary Americans. A majority of Americans nationally are reported to be living paycheck to paycheck, in a troubling new development. For decades, the working class within the nation has been faced with a plethora of problems, from stagnant wages, a rising cost of living, and a decline in millions of stable manufacturing jobs which have been lost to outsourcing brought about by destructive free-trade policies.

While the economy remains arguably the most central concern of most Americans, the decline of the United States has not been limited to purely economic affairs and cultural rot is prevalent in many regards. In schools across the nation, in several states controlled by progressive Democrats new radical curriculums have been introduced in publicly funded schools. Students are taught that the nation was founded on oppressive and flawed principles and numerous literary classics have been removed from the curriculum in favor of radical leftist publications which highlight racial oppression and the ills of western imperialism. In New Jersey, a radical new sexually charged curriculum has been implemented in grades beginning in early grammar school. In congress, even the dress code has been relaxed. For individuals who may have honor of serving at the nation’s highest levels of governance, a business dress code is no longer required, and recreational or casual clothing is now permitted for public servants.

As things continue to worsen culturally and fiscally, a recent report shows that while the job market is down, worker productivity has increased. Supposedly, worker productivity increased for the first time in 15 years. Newsweek originally reported the story, and people believe that the S & P 500 will increase.