Pro-Trump Pastors Are Forming A Coalition

( )- A failed US Senate candidate from Oklahoma who is also a pastor launched what he called “a nationwide effort” to join “Christian faith leaders” with the America First movement to help elect Donald Trump in 2024.

Jackson Lahmeyer, the pastor of Sheridan Church in Tulsa Oklahoma, has established the group “Pastors for Trump.”

While many of the pastors who made up much of Trump’s former evangelical support have distanced themselves from his third run for the White House, Lahmeyer remains solidly faithful to the former president and his claims about the 2020 election being stolen.

In a press release announcing “Pastors for Trump,” Lahmeyer claims that the group has already set up a chapter in each state and has the backing of “dozens of Christian pastors.”

According to Lahmeyer, the goal of the group is “to advocate for issues central to the faithful.”

The group’s website explains that the pastors in the group have committed to pray for Donald Trump “and present our requests before him on issues such as life, marriage, freedom of speech, and personal responsibility.”

While the website claims that “Pastors for Trump” includes “prominent Christian leaders” throughout the United States, only two other pastors are listed by name, a co-pastor from a church in Oklahoma City and the CEO of the South Carolina-based NOW Television Network, Mark Burns.

Lahmeyer, who gained some notoriety when he offered to sign religious exemption forms for those refusing to get vaccinated, attempted to unseat Republican Senator James Lankford in the Oklahoma Republican primary in August.

He had accused Senator Lankford of “betraying” Donald Trump on January 6 when he voted to certify the 2020 election. During the primary race, Lahmeyer ran on the promise that he would “investigate the 2020 election” if he was elected to the Senate.

Lankford, who is also a former pastor, defeated Lahmeyer by over 40 points.