Pro-Trump Lawyer Reveals Trump Supporters From January 6th Being Tortured In Jail

( )- In a tweet on Thursday, July 21, President Joe Biden condemned the “mass detentions and sham trials” the Cuban regime is using to “threaten the Cuban people into silence.” He vowed that his Administration stands with the Cuban people and would impose sanctions on those in the Cuban regime who are responsible.

And while Biden has strong words for “mass detentions and sham trials” in Cuba, his Justice Department continues rounding up Americans for trespassing in the Capitol on January 6, refusing them bail, keeping them in jail before their trials, and often holding them in solitary confinement.

According to an attorney for one January 6 defendant, these political prisoners are being subject to cruel treatment at the hands of their prison guards.

In a rather off-the-rails interview on CNN after his client Paul Hodgkins was sentenced to eight months for trespassing on the Capitol and sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, attorney Joseph McBride alleged that Hodgkins, along with others held in a DC jail are being subjected to torture.

Avlon sneeringly asked McBride about a recent comment he made comparing the conditions of the DC jail to that of “Nazi gulags.”

McBride pointed out that the January 6 defendants are being held in solitary confinement, being beaten, starved, denied medical care and the right to worship. And they are being “cut off from their attorneys.”

Eventually, the interview derailed with McBride saying that people are being tortured there. “Are you OK with people being tortured five miles from the White House?” McBride asked the sneering Avlon.

Avlon dismissed the claim saying it seemed to be “utterly un-based in fact.”

McBride yelled “Torture” multiple times prompting Avlon to wrap up the interview.

Watch the segment HERE.

McBride might not have handled himself well, but his claims aren’t “un-based in fact.”

There have been several reports of January 6 defendants being physically and verbally attacked by guards, and placed in solitary confinement. One attorney reported that his client was beaten so badly by corrections officers, he was left with a skull fracture and a detached retina.

McBride appeared on NewsMax on Thursday to again discuss the conditions of the January 6 defendants with host Greg Kelly: