Principal Caught On Camera Getting Lap Dances From Boy

( )- Last Wednesday, Hazard Independent Superintendent Sondra Combs confirmed that she was investigating the social media photos of homecoming activities at Hazard High School in Kentucky that showed a scantily-clad male student giving lap dances to school staff, including the principal.

Though Combs confirmed to the Herald-Leader that an investigation is underway, she would not say anything further until the investigation has concluded. Once it has been completed, she added, the district will take appropriate action.

Combs apologized for the incident, saying that the inappropriate activities would not happen again. While she confirmed that disciplinary action had been taken, Combs would not elaborate on the specifics.

Donald “Happy” Mobelini, the principal of Hazard High School and also the mayor of Hazard, was seen in photos receiving a lap dance during a homecoming event called a “man pageant.” Photos posted on Hazard High School Athletics Facebook page also showed teen girls in Hooters t-shirts and male students being paddled.

Some photos posted have since been removed, but the Hooters girls and the paddling photos remained active as of last Wednesday morning.

Toni Konz Tatman, the spokeswoman for the Kentucky Department of Education said on Wednesday that the department is aware of what took place at Hazard and has been in contact with Superintendent Combs.

This isn’t the first time “Happy” Mobelini has gotten in hot water. In 2008, the high school principal was investigated twice for alcohol-related incidents involving students.

In one instance, photos surfaced online showing Mobelini driving students around as they smoked and drank alcohol. In the second incident, police caught students drinking on the school’s football field just moments after Mobelini left them.

Surprisingly, Mobelini didn’t get into trouble over either of those incidents because he claimed he was unaware that the students were drinking.

Mobelini is also a defendant in a lawsuit in which a former student alleges she was told not to report a sexual assault.

In the lawsuit, filed in 2019, the former student alleges that a male classmate assaulted her during an October 2017 junior class trip to New York City and Washington DC. The unnamed student reported the assault to Mobelini the next day. According to her suit, the student was told “by the adult chaperones” that she was to blame for the assault and she should not file charges against the male student as it would go on his permanent record.