Princess Diana Warned That They Would Stage Her Death In A Car Crash

( )- A new documentary series on the investigation into the death of Princes Diana claims that she predicted she would die in a car crash two years before it happened.

“The Diana Investigations,” the four-part series that premiered on Discovery+ last week reveals the story of Diana’s prediction.

According to The Daily Beast, in October 1995 during a closed-door meeting with her lawyer Victor Mishcon and her personal secretary Patrick Jephson, Diana claimed that she heard from “reliable sources” that there were efforts to “get rid of her” or injure her enough that she would be deemed “unbalanced,” either in a car incident or by another means.

Mishcon later prepared a detailed note of the meeting, now dubbed the “Mishcon Note.”

Diana and her boyfriend Dodi al-Bayed, along with driver Henri Paul, were killed when their car crashed into the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris on August 31, 1997, as they were fleeing the paparazzi.

Mischon reportedly handed his note to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Condon immediately after the crash. However, the Met didn’t open an inquiry into the deaths until January 2004.

Lord John Stevens, Condon’s successor who took over the inquiry, followed up with Mishcon three times. Lord Stevens told The Daily Beast that shortly before Mishcon died in 2005, he maintained that Diana was paranoid and he didn’t give her conspiracy much credence.

Watch the trailer for “The Diana Investigations” HERE.