Prince Andrew Critic Suddenly Charged

( )- A man has been charged for heckling Prince Andrew as he walked behind his mother’s coffin, Queen Elizabeth II, in Scotland. The man was arrested for his outburst.

As the royal procession made its way through Edinburgh’s Royal Mile on Monday, a 22-year-old man, who police have not identified, was arrested and charged with breach of the peace, according to a statement released by Police Scotland. The incident took place as the procession was passing through the Royal Mile.

According to the allegations, the suspect exclaimed, “Andrew! You’re a sick old man!” to the prince, in what appears to be a reference to the claims surrounding the royal and his link with convicted underage trafficker of girls, Jeffrey Epstein.

“A 22-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile around 2.50 pm on Monday,” according to a statement released by Police Scotland.

He was released on the condition that he appear in Edinburgh Sheriff Court at a later date, and a report would be filed to the Procurator Fiscal.

On Sunday, a second woman was detained on suspicion of disturbing the peace by the Police Scotland. The woman is said to have held a sign that read “f*** imperialism, abolish monarchy” while protesting outside St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh during an event announcing the King’s accession to the throne.

The same day, Thames Valley Police arrested a 45-year-old man concerning a “disturbance that was caused” during another accession proclamation ceremony in Oxford, South England, after he screamed, “who elected him?”

Symon Hill, the protester, told The Guardian that the outburst was not intended to disrupt the ceremony; instead, he wanted to bring attention to the fact that a “head of state has been foisted on us without our approval.”

On Twitter, Hill discussed the event by writing:

Today in Oxford, I stated my disagreement with the declaration of ‘Charles III,’ and as a result, I was detained by the police. Is it possible that we could be arrested merely for voicing an opinion in a public setting? In accordance with the Police Bill that was only recently enacted, I was placed under arrest. This is a brazen attempt to undermine democratic principles.