Presswire Cancels Account Of Top Trump Supporter

( )- The DailyClout team cannot publish press releases to thousands of news sites because the EIN Presswire provider is blocking them from doing so. During her most recent interview with WarRoom TV, Dr. Naomi Wolf discussed this surprising turn of events. The executives of this newswire business have deep roots in the Democrat swamp and are investors in the patient care and pharmaceutical industries. If Naomi were to register a second account, EIN Presswire would keep the money from the first account and not issue any reimbursements.

The vast majority of businesses publish their press releases through the usage of a service. The “newswire” services disseminate the story to an extensive network of different news organizations. It is up to each news outlet to decide whether or not they will distribute the information to the general audience. There is no justification for the interference from the service. One of these most necessary services is the EIN Presswire. On September 10th, when Dr. Naomi Wolf attempted to use her Presswire account, she discovered that her account had been canceled without prior notification. Her publicist was trying to submit documented proof that Dr. Wolf’s work had been censored on the orders of the CDC and the White House.

New court documents from the Missouri Attorney General show that the CDC met with Twitter to discuss BOLO (Be-On-The-Lookout) alerts in May 2021. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlighted a tweet that contained accurate information from Dr. Wolf as an example of misleading information and of tweets that should be restricted. Andy Slavitt, a senior assistant to the White House, cited Wolf’s tweet during his conversations with Big Tech concerning the spread of misinformation online.

The tweet says, “hundreds of women have claimed that they have experienced bleeding and clots after vaccination.” A few days later, Twitter suspended Naomi’s account.

Newsmatics is a Washington, D.C.based corporation with offices on the 10th floor of the Blake Building. Petr Stanek serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Stanek is involved in the pharmaceutical company Machavert Pharmaceuticals as a co-investor. They are developing treatments for the battle against the disease.


Newsmatics User Agreement has some of the most onerous restrictions of any customer-focused company that one will find in any user agreement.


Over 180 lawyers are among the 2,500 members of the DailyClout team, including medical professionals and project managers. They are the only group scouring the tens of thousands of documents that Big Pharma requested the courts to keep secret for the next seventy-five years.