Possible Serial Killer Linked to Four Murdered Women

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The suspected serial killer charged in late November with two counts of first-degree murder has now been linked to two other murdered women in Virginia.

Dubbed “The Shopping Cart Killer,” Anthony Robinson was charged after the bodies of two women were discovered in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg. However, investigators now believe he could be responsible for at least two other killings in the state.

Robinson allegedly met his victims at hotels where he tortured and killed them. He then disposed of the bodies by transporting them in a shopping cart.

The two women identified were Allene Elizabeth Redmon of Harrisonburg who was murdered on or around October 24, and Tonita Lorice Smith of Charlottesville, who was killed sometime around November 14.

Robinson, a resident of Washington DC, was arrested by Harrisonburg police after Redmon and Smith were found together on November 23.

After he was in custody, additional evidence led police to search an area near the Moon Inn motel in Fairfax County where the remains of two additional women were discovered in a large plastic container near where police found another shopping cart.

One of the two new victims has been tentatively identified as DC resident Cheyenne Brown, 29. Brown was identified by relatives based on distinctive tattoos on her body. The second victim remained unidentified as of last Friday.

The three identified women went missing in recent months. Investigators would not say whether any of the victims had been sexually assaulted. However, Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis told reporters that Robinson “does unspeakable things with his victims.”

Most concerning is the possibility that Robinson’s victims may not be limited to Virginia. Police described Robinson as transient, having lived and worked in several areas over the last few years. They have confirmed that Robinson had addresses in New York, Maryland, and the District of Columbia which leads them to suspect he could be responsible for other homicides elsewhere.

Before his arrest in November, Robinson had no criminal history. Thus far, Robinson has made no statement to the police.