Popular Singer Rushed Off Stage Over Health Condition

According to a report, the star of the K-pop group Blackpink Jennie Kim became unwell during her Sunday night concert in Australia, forcing her to cut short her show.

According to the group’s management, 27-year-old Jennie felt ill during the live show, which ended suddenly. The management company YG Entertainment stated online that on the June 11th performance, Jennie was unable to finish because of her worsening condition. The organization did not provide details about the star’s illness.

Entertainment reports show the crew expressed regret to the eager crowd who had arrived in hopes of seeing an exciting live show.

The statement requested an understanding of the situation. The team apologized to BLACKPINK fans and event attendees.  Jennie Kim expressed a desire to move forward but was advised to prioritize her health.  The group conveyed to fans that she would make a comeback on stage soon.

According to a report, a  later statement mentioned that Jennie Kim expressed her apologies for not having been able to remain on stage until the very end and promised to get better as soon as possible. The group’s representatives explained they would make every effort to assist in Jennie’s quick recovery, and they requested the fan base’s understanding.

None of the statements specified the type of therapy or the cause of Jennie Kim’s illness.

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