Pope Francis Says It’s Time To Defend The Family Harder Than Ever

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE? Video of Pope Slapping ANOTHER Woman Surfaces (MUST SEE!)
HISTORY OF VIOLENCE? Video of Pope Slapping ANOTHER Woman Surfaces (MUST SEE!)

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Extreme left-wing Pope Francis has launched a new campaign on behalf of families all over the world, proving briefly that he at least maintains some conservative, Christian values. The head of the Catholic Church called last Sunday for people to do more to preserve the family unit.

Commemorating the feast of the Holy Family – which of course refers to Joseph, Mary, and Jesus – the Pope urged families to overcome the difficulties that they face and remain united.

In an Angelus message, the Pope said:

“To protect harmony in the family, the dictatorship of the ‘I’ needs to be fought.”

The Pope added that it is dangerous for people to blame each other for mistakes rather than listening to one another, and to fixate on our own individual needs rather than showing one another that we care.

Instead of “dialoguing,” the Pope said, people often isolate themselves in their mobile phones. Well, that’s certainly true…

He also said that it’s sad when people are focused on their cell phones at a family dinner rather than speaking to one another.

“When we mutually accuse each other, always repeating the same phrases, restaging an old scene in which each person wants to be right and that always ends in cold silence, that silence you can cut with a knife, cold, after a family discussion,” he continued.

Isn’t it nice when the Pope actually behaves like a Christian?