Pop Icon Announces That She’s Leaving Social Media

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Lana Del Ray, the international pop star, abruptly announced on Saturday that she plans to stop using social media as she starts to pursue new ventures.

In a post on her Instagram, Del Ray said that she would like to let her followers know that she would be deactivating all social media accounts the following day.

“That is simply because I have so many other interests and other jobs I’m doing that require privacy and transparency,” she said.

It’s curious, obviously. If Del Ray was a conservative, then it would make sense that she is bailing on social media. Big conservative names are already moving away from the platforms, which regularly engage in anti-conservative censorship. But Del Ray is not a conservative…and it’s not clear what kind of responsibilities and jobs she might have that require so much privacy that she can’t just remain inactive on those accounts.

What gives?

According to Insider, Del Ray told her fans that she isn’t retiring and remains committed to producing music. She also offered a glimpse of some of her upcoming music, including an album set for release on October 22 titled “Blue Banisters.”

She said that she remains “very present” but that she is going on some “different endeavors”, and she would like to thank her fans for all the support they give her.

The post is no longer available as her Instagram account has since been deleted.

The new album set for release next month is a compilation of some new songs and some older songs, some of which she says have been written by her friends, family, and some former collaborators.

If pop stars are willing to give up their millions of followers on social media…then isn’t it time more conservatives vote with their feet and leave, too?