Pollster Reveals Massive Lead For Marjorie Taylor Greene

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Despite the media hit-pieces, despite being targeted by the Squad, and despite Twitter permanently suspending her Twitter account, Marjorie Taylor Greene remains wildly popular among the only people who matter: her constituents.

In a new campaign survey by Neighborhood Research and Media, among likely Republican primary voters in Marjorie Taylor-Green’s Georgia district, 53 percent of them will vote for her regardless of who challenges her.

According to Greene’s campaign pollster, Neighborhood Research and Media’s Rick Shaftan, the idea that Marjorie Taylor Greene is vulnerable to a Republican primary challenge “is delusional and severely detached from reality.”

There are two Republicans who are considering launching a primary challenge to Greene this year, Charles Lutin and Jennifer Strahan. And while they may be considered darlings of the anti-Trump Republicans, within Greene’s district, 85 percent of Republican voters have never heard of either of them.

Within District 14, Marjorie Taylor Greene enjoys a favorability rating Joe Biden could only dream of having – with 68 percent having a favorable view of the outspoken Republican and only 10 percent viewing her unfavorably. Her favorability has jumped twenty points since July.

Greene is described as effective by over 70% of Republicans in her district, and 36 percent said they would be “more likely” to vote for a candidate who is endorsed by Greene.

According to Rick Shaftan, Marjorie Taylor Greene is viewed as the prototype for what Republican voters are expecting from their representatives in the age of Biden.

Shaftan said the endless barrage of attacks against Greene has had no impact within her district where Republican voters love her. He said Greene enjoys the popularity and respect from her voters that few members of Congress enjoy.

Meanwhile, the morons at Twitter permanently suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account on January 2 ostensibly for spreading “misinformation” about COVID.

But if Twitter thinks this will help put an end to Greene’s time in the House, they couldn’t be more wrong. A Twitter suspension is exactly the sort of thing that will make her all the more popular among voters back home.