Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Thinks Cancel Culture Is Dangerous

(RoyalPatriot.com )- This incredible new poll is both good news and bad news, showing how a majority of Americans believe that “cancel culture” poses a threat to their freedom.

It’s good news in that Americans don’t appear to be fooled by the Democrats and far-left activists, even if they do still vote for them. But it’s also bad news in that most Americans are now living in fear that they could lose their livelihood, friends, and family if they say or do something that the woke left deems unacceptable.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris poll on Monday revealed that 64% of Americans believe that there is a “growing cancel culture” which poses a threat to their freedom.

Only 36% of Americans said that they don’t consider cancel culture to be a threat to their freedom, giving us a rough idea of just how small a minority the woke left really is. With only roughly one-third of the country defending cancel culture, it makes you wonder why Democrat leadership panders so hard to it.

Roughly 20% of Americans believe that cancel culture poses a “small problem” and a tiny 13% said it is “not a problem.”

The poll comes as Facebook revealed just how extensive its ban on providing a platform for former President Donald Trump is, with representatives of the social media giant warning his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, that she couldn’t even publish a video of a conversation between the two of them on the platform without it getting removed.

Facebook said that Trump would be skirting his ban on the platform – which was put in place based on the fallacy that the president encouraged a violent insurrection at the Capitol Building on January 5 – by just appearing in a video on somebody else’s page.

Hundreds of thousands of Twitter accounts have also been deleted in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, with mostly conservatives being affected.

Nicole Holliday, University of Pennsylvania assistant professor of linguistics, told NPR that cancel culture is nothing new.

“We’ve had the term ‘boycott’ forever and ever. It just means, ‘I’m not going to put my attention or money or support behind this person or organisation because they’ve done something that I don’t agree with.’ That is not new, that’s very old,” she said, seemingly misunderstanding what cancel culture is, and how much power Big Tech has over our lives.

Meanwhile, Mark Penn, the director of the poll, said it was a “chilling finding” that most Americans are “afraid they would be fired if they expressed their real views on social media.”

It’s chilling because it shouldn’t be happening, and left-wing activists seem to have more power than they should.