Police Arrest 71yo Serial Robbery Suspect

Authorities in Los Angeles claim they have apprehended a 71-year-old serial robber who has committed another crime. The man has spent decades incarcerated.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) reported that on December 21, a robbery occurred at a bank in the Sun Valley area. Bruce Edward Bell was apprehended after reportedly stealing over $60,000 in cash.

Authorities state that Bell, who was on supervised release when he was most recently arrested, had four previous bank robbery convictions and has spent 40 years behind bars at the Federal Department of Corrections. He had been released from incarceration in July 2021.

Bell entered the bank, seized an employee, and brandished a firearm during the robbery in December, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The worker was compelled to approach a door with limited access. According to the authorities, Bell threatened to shoot the employee unless he was allowed access to the restricted area. Bell had another worker load his bag with money as soon as he was inside. After stealing more than $60,000.00, Bell ran away from the scene.

According to a released surveillance footage, bank employees escorted Bell beyond the counter. After that, he opens an environmentally friendly shopping bag and begins gesticulating with what looks like a pistol. It takes the suspect about two minutes to fill a bag with stuff once a drawer close to a teller’s workstation opens. There are many images of bank employees raising their hands throughout the event. As the criminal leaves the bank, a person appears from under a desk.

Those who witnessed Bell get into a silver Volvo vehicle and drive off reportedly called 911, according to the police. After seeing it, the LAPD stated they pulled over the suspect’s car and decided to execute a high-risk traffic stop. Before long, Bell was pulled over by the police. A black imitation pistol and $64,000 in cash were discovered during the search.

According to prison records, Bell’s bail was set at $1.6 million, and he is now facing a kidnapping accusation, according to the police. The Los Angeles Police Department said that investigators are looking into the possibility of other unidentified victims of Bell’s heist.