Pitchfork Wielding MOB Raids the Hamptons

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- As mobs of violent extremists continue to terrorize cities across the United States, some extremists chose to bring their pitchforks to an invasion of the Hamptons. More than 200 extremist protesters arriving in the Hamptons holding signs, banners, and pitchforks, chanting slogans about taxing the rich.

The protesters specifically targeted the homes of billionaires, including Mike Bloomberg, the famous businessman who tried to buy the 2020 nomination for the Democrats. He failed, of course, but it really does make you wonder what this race would look like if Bloomberg was running for the Democrats right now…

The angry left-wing mob appeared outside the home of famous real estate developer Stephen Ross, too, according to reports from the New York Post.

The mob called themselves the Hamptons Billionaires Car Caravan Protest, and on their Facebook page they explained how they’re campaigning against inequality. During the coronavirus outbreak, and in a time of widespread unemployment, their anger is perhaps understandable – but what exactly they aimed to achieve by terrorizing people in their homes by standing outside with pitchforks, I guess we’ll never know.

“They take our land to build golf courses, profit from the ravages of COVID-19, buy politicians, exploit our labor and give money to the cops that continue to brutalize us,” the post claimed.

Brutalize? Apart from the rare instances of genuine police brutality, what are they talking about? The only people that get brutalized by cops tend to be criminals who resist arrest or fight…

“Rather than raise taxes on the rich who can afford it, Governor Andrew Cuomo makes schools, hospitals and those who need housing, pay – then keeps the budget for the police state intact,” they added.

Hey, if they really hate tax rises, why do Democrats keep on electing people like Cuomo? And why are they supporting Joe Biden, who admitted this week that he would reverse the tax cuts Trump put in place that put more money in the pockets of millions of Americans?

Questions, questions…