Photos Leaked Showing Truth About Obama’s Elitist “Party”

( )- Last weekend, Barack Obama had his “scaled down” Big Beautiful Birthday Bash for himself at the Obama palatial estate on Martha’s Vineyard. And by “scaled down,” Obama meant “not at all scaled down, but since I got blowback over holding the bash, I’ll just say it’s scaled down and hope you don’t discover the truth.”

Unfortunately for Obama, Americans got a peek behind the flap of the massive outdoor tent that hid the party from view thanks in large part to party-goers who posted photos of the event on social media.

Now, the photos didn’t stay up for long. Apparently the party goers were supposed to abide by a “no photography” rule. But taking pictures of celebrities hobnobbing with the former Celebrity-in-Chief was just too tempting for some. Unfortunately for those who succumbed to temptation, quick-thinking people managed to capture and save the photos before they got deleted.

The New York Post published a slew of the pictures and videos on Sunday which showed all the mask-free “beautiful people” partying up a storm in the “not scaled down” event.

Naturally the photos of the non-masked elites partying like it was 2019 sparked outrage on social media. It certainly didn’t help that Dr. Anthony Fauci had appeared on “Meet the Press” Sunday morning to lecture and berate the people who attended last Saturday’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Fauci had no stern, lecturing words for the massive, maskless birthday bash of Barack Obama. He also didn’t have a single negative word to say about the enormous Lollapalooza music festival that took place in Chicago the previous week.

As Jesse Kelly always says, the people telling you to worry about coronavirus are not worried about coronavirus.

Many of the same celebrities who try to scold and guilt Americans into obeying mask mandates were seen in these photos from Obama’s party not wearing masks.

But not all Americans are as stupid as the media and the Democrats think they are.

And while Obama’s photo-happy guests may not have intended to shine a light on the hypocrisy of it all, that’s exactly what they ended up doing.

Which might explain where there was a “no photography” rule to begin with.