Peter Daszak Worked For CIA, EcoHealth Alliance Is A ‘CIA Front Organization’

( )- Dr. Andrew Huff, the Associate Vice President of EcoHealth Alliance, which is an organization that funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology using money sources from the United States National Institutes of Health, recently claimed that the president of the organization once told him that he was working for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Well, this is…interesting.

On January 12, Dr. Huff stated that Daszak had confessed to him that he was working for the federal government and that he believed EcoHealth Alliance is a “CIA front organization.”

To come from the mouth of a man who received a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and who has worked at the organization for many years, it is pretty significant.

Huff made the revelation on his Twitter account, revealing how in 2015, Dazask stopped him as he was leaving work late one night and asked him if he should work with the CIA.

“I was shocked given my experience in security,” he said. “Over the next 2 months he gave me updates on 3 separate occasions about his work with the CIA.”


Huff went on to say in an additional tweet that he offers his “sincere apologies” for contributing to EcoHealth Alliance, and said that he didn’t understand what it was at the time.

“I am attempting to make this right,” he said.

He also said that programs like the ones funded by EcoHealth “are disastrous to global public health and foreign relations.”

So…when are we going to start talking about this?

In a statement published online, Huff said:

“Looking back, I now believe that EcoHealth Alliance was a CIA front organization to collect viral samples and to collect intelligence on foreign laboratory capacity. There was no way that the data collected or the models being developed, could predict transmission or pandemics,” he added.

Could it be that this entire pandemic was part of a wider effort to take down former President Donald Trump?