People Think The Economy Is The Most Important Issue Ahead Of Election Time

( )- A recent Associated Press/NORC poll found support for punishing Russia over its invasion of Ukraine is beginning to wane as Americans grow more concerned about the state of the US economy.

While support for US sanctions against Russia hasn’t faltered, Americans are showing increased concern over limiting the damage these sanctions are causing the US economy.

Only 45 percent of respondents believe the bigger priority is imposing effective sanctions against Russia, while the majority (51 percent) say the priority should be limiting the damage to the US economy.

A month ago, those numbers were the reverse, with 51 percent saying tougher sanctions were the priority and only 45 percent saying protecting the economy was. Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, a clear majority of Americans, 55 percent, said tough sanctions were the bigger priority.

This is not at all surprising.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was “The Current Thing” that the media and politicians used to stoke up the American people. And in the heat of “The Current Thing,” thinking things through doesn’t enter into it. Now that Americans have had some time to think it through and see for themselves just how damaging the US response to the invasion has been to them, they’re not as stoked anymore.

Couple that with entrenched inflation, rising consumer prices on everything from groceries to gasoline, and the baby formula shortage, not to mention a looming recession, Americans have far more important things to worry about right here at home.

And while Americans are more focused on the US economy, out-of-touch Washington continues to funnel billions to Ukraine.

According to the AP/NORC survey, Americans are losing confidence in Joe Biden.

Only 21 percent of respondents said they have “a great deal of confidence” in Joe Biden’s ability to handle the situation in Ukraine. Another 39 percent said they have “some confidence” while the same (39 percent) have “hardly any” confidence at all.

Overall, only 45 percent approve of Biden’s handling of Russia while the majority, 54 percent disapprove.