Pentagon Official Headed To Work At The White House

( )- John Kirby is leaving his role as press secretary at the Pentagon for a role in the West Wing.

On Friday, Kirby’s move was made official. The White House said he will serve as the new coordinator for strategic communications for the National Security Council. The White House released a statement about the move, saying:

“In this role, Kirby will coordinate interagency efforts to explain United States policy and will serve as a senior administration voice on related matters, including as appropriate at the White House podium. This position will be housed at the NSC and repot to the National Security Adviser.”

This move is all part of a bigger restructuring in communications at the White House. Jen Psaki left her role as White House press secretary earlier in May. Taking her spot was Karine Jean-Pierre, who served as deputy press secretary under Psaki.

There were rumors that Kirby might take that role, but that obviously didn’t happen. Instead, he’ll have a more specialized communications role with the NSC, which he’ll be able to draw on his experience with the Pentagon for.

In commenting on the move, Kirby said he was “honored” to be chosen for his new role. He also praised his entire team over at the Pentagon, as well as Lloyd Austin, the defense secretary, and President Joe Biden.

He said:

“Secretary Austin has been more than just my boss; he’s been a mentor and a confidante, and he has helped make me a better communicator. He has trusted me to speak for the Department, and he has trusted me to speak for him.

“I also thank my entire team at OSD Public Affairs. When I messed up, they fixed it. When I did well, they made it so. I’ve never known a better team of professionals.”

Many people believed that Kirby’s experience from the Pentagon could be used in the White House briefing room. Matters of foreign policy are among some of the key topics that are discussed on a daily basis.

It was also rumored that Kirby might be used to speak for the White House on TV appearances, given he was the chief spokesperson for the White House and even once served as a pundit for CNN.

For now, he’ll take the official role at the NSC, but he’s sure to play some sort of bigger role at the White House, at least in regard to national security and defense topics.

For now, a replacement for Kirby over at the Defense Department hasn’t been named yet. It’s possible that his top deputy, J. Todd Breasseale, could assume the role — in much the same way that Jean-Pierre took over for Psaki when she left the White House.

Breasseale has also served in some major communications roles for both Facebook and Microsoft.

If he were to be named to that post, he would become the first openly LGBTQ+ press secretary for the Pentagon.