Pelosi’s January 6th Committee Used A “Backchannel’ Source During Investigation

( )- Trump White House alumna, Alyssa Farah Griffin, was used as the January 6 Committee’s “backchannel” source during their questioning of Cassidy Hutchinson, according to Mediaite. Hutchinson, the former aide to President Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, contacted Griffin ahead of her testimony to the select committee.

The former aide was originally represented by former White House attorney Stefan Passantino, who recommended that she mislead the committee and claim that she could not recall facts that she could actually remember. Hutchinson claims that she felt uncomfortable with this advice and believes she should have been more forthcoming.

After her first two interviews with the committee, Hutchinson reportedly researched the Watergate scandal, including Nixon staffers who held similar jobs to hers. She says that she found inspiration in their stories of coming out and telling the truth and she determined to do the same thing.

Her deposition transcript goes into detail about her conversations with Passantino over future jobs that she could hold, such as getting hired at GETTR, CPAC, or elsewhere. But she says that she was afraid that if her testimony was damaging to Trump then she might not be offered any lucrative jobs.

“They will ruin my life,” she worried, “if I do anything that they don’t want me to do.”

She then reached out to Griffin for advice on how to proceed. Hutchinson said that she was comfortable with Griffin, a former White House communications director, because she had been an outspoken critic of the January 6 riot and was not compromised by the Trump world.

Hutchinson then reportedly asked Griffin to “back channel to the committee and say that there is a few things that I want to talk about,” describing several topics that she had not yet informed them of.

Hutchinson then went on to testify that she had heard from the former deputy chief of staff, Tony Ornato, that Trump had gotten into a physical altercation with protective detail after they refused to drive him to the Capitol. He allegedly grabbed the steering wheel and assaulted the agent.

Ornato denies that he ever said this but was not invited by the select committee to testify.