Pelosi’s Attacker Had Something At His Home

( )- Whatever transpired at the Pelosi residence last week is still a mystery.

The initial narrative that David DePape’s purported attack on Pelosi was politically motivated is, at best, a dubious one.

According to reports, DePape reportedly resided in a Bay Area Victorian known to the neighborhood as a “hippie communal.”

A handcrafted “Black Lives Matter” sign and a sign that reads “Berkeley Stands United Against Hate” are displayed in the windows. In the front yard, a rainbow-colored American flag is covered in marijuana leaves.

Those are not the characteristics that people typically connect with the “alt-right.”

According to reports, a Bay Area reporter was sent to the house Depape reportedly lived at and was told by the people inside the home that they told FBI agents they hadn’t seen Depape for years.

However, the neighbors told a different story.  They told the reporter that they had seen Depape helping out around the house with yard work.

According to the liberal Los Angeles Times, DePape frequently experimented with conspiracy theories like QAnon and “Pizzagate,” which many people would connect with the far right.

However, the equally liberal CNBC pointed out that DePape’s opinions were deemed “contradictory” by law enforcement. DePape’s posts incorporate liberal anti-establishment sentiments while also advocating views linked with “far-right extremism” in recent posts.

The Conservative news blog Gateway Pundit reports numerous Inconsistencies found on websites associated with David DePape, suggesting he did Not Write the articles found there.

According to the Wayback Machine, a digital archive of the World Wide Web, was taken down last week. The second website,, was shut down as well. The website only saw activity on Friday and Saturday.

The posts on the website were published between August 24 and August 27, according to a study of the sitemap for the website.

Gateway Pundit suggests that the pieces were pre-produced. Writing an article does not happen quickly. Someone was attempting to upload many articles to the website at once to create a history.

Many mysteries would be solved if the police bodycam footage and Paul Pelosi’s 911 call were released.