Pelosi To Create New January 6th Commission Despite Fact Nobody Wants It

( )- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t take a hint.

The controversial and radically left-wing Democratic Congresswoman failed to establish a so-called “bipartisan” commission to investigate what happened in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. It was rejected by Republicans because the Democrats refused to allow the commission to also investigate the unprecedented violence committed by Democrats and left-wing activists in major American cities throughout 2020.

Instead of working with Republicans to establish a fair commission that explored the true origins of political violence, regardless of who committed it, Pelosi is now reportedly preparing to establish a select committee to do it instead.

During a private leadership event on Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi reportedly told her Democratic congressional colleagues that she plans to create a select committee.

Doesn’t she understand that people don’t want a partisan committee designed to smear Republicans some more?

Republicans voted against the bill put forward to establish the commission, which she claimed was bipartisan, citing concerns that it was a partisan weapon to smear Republicans and potentially even force former President Donald Trump to testify before Congress over the riot.

House Speaker Pelosi and other Congressional Democrats wrongly claimed that the former president incited and encouraged the riot, despite evidence proving that President Trump discouraged violence and even told protesters to leave and go home when the Capitol building was breached.

The House voted 252-175 in favor of the new commission but fell short of the 60 votes required in the Senate to advance the legislation.

Thankfully, the new committee will have less power than the 9/11-style commission originally proposed, but it’s an indication that Democrats simply will not give up with their efforts to smear the former president and his supporters.