Pelosi Silent After Allegations Of Abuse Targeting 14 Year Old Boy

( )- A man who has posted a number of pictures of himself posing with prominent Democrats was ensnared in a child predator sting operation conducted by a YouTuber named CC Unit. The video alleges that Clint Alan Goss solicited sexual favors online from someone Goss was led to believe was a 14-year-old boy.

But there was no 14-year-old boy. When Goss was sitting outside his home allegedly waiting for this supposed boy to show up, CC Unit showed up instead.

Watch the confrontation HERE.

During the confrontation, Goss claimed to work for Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

However, the likelihood Goss actually works for Pelosi is slim. He may have worked for her campaign or Clinton’s campaign. But there is no evidence Goss actually works FOR either. More than likely Goss was just trying to make himself appear far more important than he is.

The same cannot be said for Arizona Democrat State Senator Tony Navarrete.

Navarrete was arrested last Thursday on multiple counts of sexual conduct with a child and molestation of a minor. The charges stem from incidents that occurred in 2019.

According to court documents released Friday afternoon, a 16-year-old boy told detectives that the Phoenix Democrat put his hand down the victim’s pants, touching him inappropriately. The boy told police that Navarrete would go on to do this to him several times.

The boy also told police that Navarrete reportedly touched the boy’s 13-year-old brother’s upper leg, but the child hit his hand away.

During an audio and video recording made on August 5, the victim confronted Navarrete over the abuse, asking the Democrat State Senator if he regretted what he did to him. Navarrete said he did, but claimed that he wasn’t well.

During Friday’s court hearing, prosecutors argued that Navarrete was a flight risk because, if convicted on the charges, he would face a minimum sentence of 49 years in prison.

The judge ordered a $50,000 secured bond for Navarrete, but ordered Navarrete surrender his passport.

Prosecutors also asked the judge that to impose on Navarrete a restriction to have no contact with any minors — including those minors in Navarrete’s family – which the judge ordered. Additionally, in accordance with Arizona state law, Navarrete would be required to be under electronic monitoring.