Pelosi Attacks Reporters In Angry Attack

( )- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot back at reporters for assuming that Democrats will lose their majority in the House after the midterm elections, according to Mediaite. But Pelosi sneered at reporters who suggested that she was wrong and questioned “the so‑called ‘conventional’ so‑called ‘wisdom’ in Washington,” that predicts that the president tends to lose the majority after two years.

Pelosi has predicted before that Democrats will not only maintain their seats but gain seats in the House. During a press conference in Lafayette, Colorado earlier this month over the Inflation Reduction Act, Pelosi said that she was confident they were going to retain their majority.

“We have absolutely every intention of holding the House,” she said. “And the path to that victory comes right through Colorado, and having two women – with all due respect. Our Caucus is over 70 percent women, people of color, LGBTQ. We’re very proud of that. And Colorado continues to enhance our numbers in that regard.”

During her weekly press conference, Pelosi was asked if she was going to seek another term, to which she responded that she was focused on the midterms.

“How many times have I told you over the past year and a half‑plus that the Democrats would hold the House, despite some of the so‑called ‘conventional’ so‑called ‘wisdom’ in Washington, D.C. saying that, in the off-year, the President’s party always loses Congress or seats?” she said.

“The fact is, that isn’t conventional and it isn’t wisdom, because convention has changed,” she continued. “We communicate in a different way. We have a different reality here now in terms of our own Democracy being on the ballot, our planet being on the ballot, the future of our country being on the ballot.”

She also spoke about the importance of having candidates that believe in the future and believe in themselves, suggesting that she has a great many candidates running.

“So we’re very proud of the success that we’re having, and we fully intend to hold the House. And even though there are some among you who belittle my political instincts and the rest, I got us here twice to the Majority, and I don’t intend to—our giving it up.”