Passenger Planes Forced To Deploy Flares To Deter Taliban

( )- Before multiple terrorist attacks took place at Kabul’s International Airport on Thursday, reports revealed how French planes were firing flares during takeoff owing to an increased presence of ISIS-K terrorists. The flares were shot to deter terrorists and Taliban attacks as planes evacuated stranded American and European citizens.

The Biden White House is scrambling to evacuate all U.S. citizens from Afghanistan before August 31, a deadline imposed by the Taliban and accepted by the White House. And now, thanks to Biden’s lack of leadership and the abandoning of the main U.S. air base, Bagram, the evacuation of U.S. citizens has become increasingly difficult and dangerous.

Video footage shows how French Air aircraft assisting with the Afghanistan Evacuation Operation dispensed flares during tactical take-off and landing.

Look at these tragic scenes and imagine how the media would respond to it if it was happening on President Donald Trump’s watch.

It’s hard to imagine because it presumably wouldn’t have happened with Trump in charge…

In the days following the news, Kabul was hit by at least three suicide bombing attacks which have killed dozens of American citizens. Biden has drawn an increasing amount of criticism for his disastrous handling of the withdrawal.

Hospitals are reportedly non-functional because most doctors have either left Afghanistan or are in hiding, and U.S. planes are unable to rescue American citizens from the airport, which is under full control of the Taliban and ISIS.

Is there any recovering from this for President Biden?