Parler’s Plans To Return Amid Big Tech Censorship

(RoyalPatriot)- Alternative social media platform Parler is planning a big comeback, despite a push from Big Tech to eliminate smaller platforms.

Formed after Twitter forced huge numbers of conservatives off its platform, Parler was removed from the Google and Apple mobile app stores based on the fallacy that “insurrectionists” used the platform to plan a violent attack in Washington, D.C. on January 6 this year. The FBI has since confirmed that much of the violence was also organized on big tech platforms like Twitter, but Parler remains off the app stores.

Parler then received a death blow when Amazon removed the app’s access to its servers, taking the website down completely.

Writing for Fox, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that despite the repeated blows by Big Tech, Parler will be coming back.

He teased the newest episode of his podcast “Newt’s World” during which he speaks to the chief policy officer of Parler, Amy Peikoff.

“According to Peikoff, right now Parler has a static webpage telling people that the company is working on coming back online. The company is figuring out what it can do without access to Amazon’s servers,” he wrote. “But Peikoff urges everyone to keep checking the website and said Parler will make an announcement once the app is up and running.”

While Parler has not confirmed its strategy, one potential route back to providing services at least through a web browser is to establish its own independent servers. It’s a difficult task but one that was achieved by social media platform Gab, which cannot be taken offline by any Big Tech company.

Peikoff also spoke to Tucker Carlson on his popular Fox News show earlier this month, describing how Big Tech is attacking American civil liberties.

Gingrich said that America is approaching an age that will “become a kind of Orwellian dictatorship, in which monopolistic companies allied with powerful politicians will silence you in the public square if you say the wrong thing.”

“Whether Parler’s executives know it or not, they are on the front lines of the fight to prevent this from happening,” he added.

If Parler is capable of establishing its own servers, it still faces the problem of no longer being available on the Apple and Google app stores. It means that users must either access the app through their browser or, if they use Android, unofficially install the .apk application file.

Is that really sustainable for the future of social media?