Paris Officials Says Twitter Is a ‘Weapon Of Mass Destruction’

A lot of fanfare has surrounded Elon Musk, the business mogul who is responsible for the invention of PayPal, the automobile brand Tesla, and who now owns “X” formerly known as Twitter, a social media platform. In recent days, Musk came under fire for yelling expletives in an interview when he was asked whether or not he was “okay” with people boycotting or affecting “X” utilizing advertising. This comment came in the aftermath of several major companies pausing advertising on his platform in an effort to “kill” his company and protest his ownership and political views. The reason for such a boycott is due to the fact that Musk himself exercised his first amendment right to free speech by voicing support for a particular comment in relation to the Hamas and Israel conflict that currently rages in Gaza. Many corporations held an “unfavorable” view of Musk, and thus are responding- but it is likely that many companies have been looking for an excuse to negatively impact Musk since he boldly bought Twitter and attempted to change the platform after it had censored people and destroyed free speech on the internet.

Since he purchased twitter in October of 2022 for some $44 billion, Musk has attempted to change the way the company and the social media platform operates. He allegedly laid off over 80% of the companies’ staff (which includes the majority of the platforms top corporate executives) in an effort to “stabilize” the company.

Another far-left and radical politician has defiantly protested Musk’s operation of “X” and announced that she “quit” the platform. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, claimed that twitter is the “impressive tool for destroying democracies”. It is ironic that a public servant would accuse Musk of being an abettor to totalitarianism when he sought to end censorship and expand free speech. Unsurprisingly, Musk has stood against the globalist leftist agenda, which has angered politicians like Hidalgo.